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All hantamo.com website visitors must comply with all terms & conditions as described on this page. All articles are free to read or share (to social media for example) but may not be copied, either partly or wholly, for any purpose.


We have a WordPress Cloud service, which is a self-hosting for your own website that uses CMS WordPress. Surely the deal that occurs when you use our service is you “hired” the server instead of you “buying” the server. So we reserve the right to terminate cooperation, if we find anything out of the ordinary you do that is bad for us, or if your WordPress Cloud is used for purposes that violate state and / or religion laws.


When you have made a payment (eg for one year ahead) to us, then the money is entirely ours, so there is no such term “we owe” to you. Currently we accept payment via paypal (worldwide) and bank transfer (Permata Virtual Account, especially for Indonesia).


We give a Discount $ 5 for shared plan especially for (Loyal User) who have minimum 1 active WordPress Cloud Hosting in Hantamo (Shared or Dedicated plan)

Uptime Guarantee

We provide 100% uptime guarantee, meaning we guarantee WordPress Cloud 100% can be accessed from the server side, but this guarantee doesn’t apply to conditions:

  1. Failure due to a user error (you), which makes changes to the crucial parts of the website, such as functions.php, or using themes or plugins that interfere with the compatibility of the version of WordPress used
  2. Failure due to hostilities with third parties, such as denial-of-service attacks. We use Cloudflare so hopefully able to minimize it, but not guarantee it.
  3. Cloud DNS (and Reverse Proxy) Failure by Cloudflare. In a very long time, Cloudflare DNS reliability is at 100%, but if a time of failure, then it is out of our responsibility.

The compensation we provide for each conditional downtime that occurs is 100x of the fee you pay, and the minimum is given if the server is down for per 10 minutes, for example with price of $ 42/yr (Shared Plan), can be interpreted as $ 0.00008101851/min. So the compensation we give if server down for 10 minutes is $ 0.08101851851 (100x). This compensation will automatically deduct the bill next year for the relevant website and a maximum of 100% of the bill will be charged

We use apps to monitor downtime from our Cloud Server, you do not need to claim in advance to compensate us, but if from our side do not detect down, but you feel down, you can report to us via email to support@hantamo. com, and we will immediately check again, to see whether or not our server is down. Our decision is absolute, but it is familial.


Periodically, we take care to keep / alert the quality of the server. Maintenance is always done during the low-traffic hours (2am-6am. UTC+7), and we do as short as possible (generally 20-30 minutes, max 2 hours), and there is always a prior notice before treatment, via email. While the maintenance process, your website remains operational, and accessible (no downtime), but you will not be able to login to your WordPress dashboard during the maintenance process. When maintenance is complete, we will provide notification via email.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We guarantee unlimited bandwidth (All Plan), that means no matter how much bandwidth you use, we are ready to handle it (no restrictions make the website down / inaccessible), and no additional cost

Unlimited Storage (Shared Plan)

You are free to use our superfast SSD storage, with unlimited capacity, but limited to storage for general content only. That is, how many articles, products, or web pages you create, there are no restrictions, but for abnormal content (in size) such as video, audio, or other large files must be hosted on a third party, such as youtube (vidio), soudcloud (audio) or google drive. Violation, we will take firm action by deleting the content, with or without notice.


Hosting service is valid for one year, but the maximum payment is always 5 days before service expiry date. For example, if your website becomes active from 1 January 2018, the website will remain active until 31 December 2018, but to extend it, you must pay the next bill at the maximum on 26 December 2018, which will activate your website until 31 December 2019



We collect personal information when visitors register on this site. Only the information submitted by the user is what we can read, otherwise it does not exist.

All web servers track basic information about visitors to a website. This information is non-personal, including IP address, browser, time and links to other web pages. None of this information can identify specific visitors to this site. This information is tracked for routine administration purposes only.


If necessary, hantamo.com uses cookies to store information about the visitor’s preferences in order to serve the visitor / owner of the account and / or present more suitable material.

Privacy Control

Disabling cookies for all sites is not recommended as it may interfere with the use of some sites. You can change your browser settings to disable cookies if you want them, for the particular website you want.


Questions regarding Term & Privacy can be submitted to us by email to fastest@hantamo.com