High number  of our IOPS offering high performance. Forget all competitor claim about their SSD (or NVMe), you can test our SSD speed, by download 100mb or 10mb test file

Latest Intel CPUs

With the latest Intel Processors, server performance remains powerful both on single and multi threaded


Varnish Cache (server-level) is content accelerator that make your site really-really fast with factor of 300-1000x. Learn more from Varnish Cache site


Nginx is super lightweight web server. We use and optimize it to collaborate with varnish. Very perfect in performance


In Memory Object Cache. Works super fast. Learn more from Redis site


Database Server, faster than MySQL. Learn more from google

Latest PHP version

Now- PHP 7.2 and always update. See comparison with other version from google


The next generation of HTTP/1.1 that can handle parallel multiplexed requests and response.


Developed by Google, overall better than gzip compression, your web application will serve less data, so reduce page load time

Cloudflare DNS

Best DNS Cloud, in the world in general and Asia in particular, by dnsperf