Thick-IP Masking

Nginx-cloudflare and our ip masking make hantamo backend super private. Impossible to be hack


Just as a complement, the last defense that may always be relaxing


DNSSEC is a technology that was developed to, among other things, protect against such attacks by digitally ‘signing’ data so you can be assured it is valid. Source.

Handle DDoS & Brute Force Attact

We Believe Cloudflare to handle it. Your WordPress login page is secure at server level

Whois Guard

Bye-bye SPAM. Your .com domain will be whois protected at no extra cost

Grade A+ Comodo SSL

Free forever. Make site more SEO Friendly, Save for transaction and Trusted by customers. SSL Test

Transaction by Email

Since email and (ex. hantamo) dashboard not parallelism-in security. Hack one means all. So we only trust your email security. That is the best