Paypal (USD) and Bank Transfer (IDR – Indonesia)

No. However, if the third party (payment gateway) has a problem, you should confirm by live chat. This very rarely happens

Yes you can! but you not get free .com domain. Lets go to Monthly Payment Page.

Free Plan

Yes, but you will still pay 10 usd per year.

We will send you an upgrade plan request by email. If there is no response (upgrade or reduced storage) within 3 days, then our website will be temporarily disabled (3 days) and then we do permanent removal.

Shared Plan

Yes, you can use it, but you have to buy it yourself, and you still pay the same hosting fee to us.

Yes, storage for general content. You are not allowed to store vidio / audio / large files on our servers. you should use third party applications such as youtube, soundcloud, or google drive.

Loyal user is someone who has used yearly plan hosting service in hantamo (shared / dedicated plan). So this only applies if you are going to create a second, third,… website in Hantamo

Dedicated plan

Means, SSD storage that you can use for any purpose, in terms of storing large files

Yes, but the more WordPress applications you install on your dedicated server, will make each website in the server becomes slow. It is entirely your responsibility


we know, this FAQ page can not always answer your questions. therefore, please go to our Why – Questions Page, or ask to us via live chat – we would love to hear it!